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Searing, obsessive honesty ...


Not really about running at all ...


Loaded with drama ...


A powerful memoir ... a fine pick for athletes and non-athletes alike.



Marshall is The Man. Definitively. His run across America at the age of 57 sealed that distinction forever. He’s living proof that endurance never sleeps, never gets old, never tires. Nothing can stop him, and that gives us all hope, gives us resolve to keep trying.”

, acclaimed endurance athlete and bestselling author of
Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner

“Usually, graceful would be applied to a runner’s form. With Marshall Ulrich, it’s even more apt a descriptor of his spirit, his soul, which he generously shares with us in Running on Empty. Tempting as it might also be to describe him as superhuman, Marshall has fallen and struggled and risen and struggled some more. His story, therefore, is ours, and whatever one might admire in him is also, therefore, in each of us.”

, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place and subject of 127 Hours

“Marshall and I go way back to the first Eco-Challenge in 1995. An athlete of astonishing grit both then and now, he never fails to push the limits of his sport, no matter what extreme endurance event he’s chosen. Running on Empty tells the story of Marshall’s greatest test: reading it, you get a sense of how tough this man is, but there’s also a bit of Everyman in Marsh.
He’s an inspiration to all of us.”

MARK BURNETT, Emmy-award-winning producer of Survivor, Eco-Challenge,
The Apprentice, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
and others

“Any book by Marshall Ulrich is bound to be riveting—the man has endured more, experienced more, accomplished more than you can imagine. You have to read it to believe it.”

AMBY BURFOOT, winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon and
editor-at-large of Runner's World

“Marshall Ulrich inspires the already inspired. I know, because he inspires me. He’s one of the gutsiest people I have ever met and one of the nicest. That he got up every day and went to work in the breakdown lane, while overcoming and surviving the demons that presented themselves there, is a testament to his character.  It was a privilege to re-live the run across America experience through his 2008 crossing and to meet him in New York City when he finished.  He’s truly one of the great endurance warriors of our time.”

FRANK GIANNINO, Guinness world-record holder for his
run across America (1980)

“I’m always secretly envious of guys like Marshall, who run for adventure and cover extreme distances. What goes on inside their heads? How do they keep going, on and on, into the night, for days on end? What do they experience that the rest of us don’t? Running on Empty tells it all,
giving a rare glimpse into the world of ultrarunning and into the life of a man
who epitomizes his sport’s doctrine of never-say-quit.”

RYAN HALL, U.S.A. Olympic marathoner, U.S.A. half-marathon record holder
(first U.S. runner in under an hour)

“You can learn from every race, even the ones you read about instead of run yourself. Marshall is a master of mental toughness, an endurance legend, and exactly
the kind of example our country needs right now.”

KARA GOUCHER, American middle and long distance runner,
Olympic and World Championships medalist

“Some people have an ability to inspire simply by being a part of our lives, and not only with their actions but also through their character. You know them by a certain look in their eyes: there, you can see strength tempered by calm, a glint of courage balanced with compassion and consideration, wisdom combined with experience. In this group, you'll find a man, beyond humble despite his accomplishments, which most people consider inconceivable, impossible: Marshall Ulrich.”

RAY ZAHAB, featured in the documentary Running the Sahara, founder of
impossible2Possible (i2P)

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