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The ultimate endurance athlete, Marshall Ulrich has run more than 130 ultramarathons averaging over 125 miles each, competed in 17 expedition-length adventure races, and climbed the Seven Summits all on his first attempts.

With his adventure racing team, the Stray Dogs, Marshall competed in the return of the Eco-Challenge, Fiji in September 2019. Marshall and fellow teammate Adrian Crane are the only two people in the world to have competed in all nine Eco-Challenges! Keep an eye out for the Worlds Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge series on Amazon Prime in early 2020! As the most experienced and oldest competitors, with an average age of almost 66 years old, the Stray Dogs hope to be featured in the series.

Since 1990 Marshall has completed 29 crossings of Death Valley, setting up his 30/30 challenge for July 2020: his 30th crossing 30 years after his first Badwater 146-mile race. One of those crossings was the first ever circumnavigation on foot of Death Valley National Park, about 425 miles in one of the hottest, driest place on earth, during the most blistering month in U.S. history (July 2012). He's ranked this expedition as tougher than ascending Mount Everest, but not as challenging as his record-setting transcontinental run of more than 3,000 miles from San Francisco to New York City, which was the subject of his memoir, Running on Empty.

Now in his late sixties, Marshall is thrilled to introduce his new book Both Feet on the Ground championing the idea of “disconnecting to reconnect,” urging you to spend time outdoors, eat food whose origins you understand, and push yourself to try something bold and personally compelling. These ideas are exemplified through his exciting adventures from Mount Everest, the Gobi desert, the ocean off of Morocco, and other exotic places; and even by sharing the challenges of growing up on a small dairy farm in Colorado. In this book, Marshall continues to inspire adventurers, active and armchair athletes, and a growing general audience to defy the ideas of too far, too old, and not possible. You can do more than you think you can!

  Author. Bizarre, amazing, shocking, funny: extreme sports make for compelling reading. Marshall writes for magazines, and his memoir, Running on Empty, was published in 2011 by Avery/Penguin. His second book, Both Feet on the Ground, is available now.
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Guide. Climb mountains and seek adventure in remote and beautiful locations all around the world with Marshall as your guide. Have dream trip? Contact us to see if he can help put your dream in action!
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  Speaker. Using extreme adventure stories, Marshall inspires people to put their dreams in action. He’s an experienced keynoter and a great addition to any important gathering.
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