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Marshall Ulrich, Running on Empty

View photo albums from the transcon and other adventures.

Sept. 26, 2008, day 14 of the run across America and a beautiful afternoon in Colorado. Photo courtesy George Velasco.


See more videos on Marshall Ulrich’s YouTube channel.

It took Marshall 52.5 days to run across the country, but it will take less than five minutes for you watch this video and get a sense of what it was like.


A playlist of Marshs favorite music while he was running across the country (available from iTunes if you search on "Marshall Ulrich's Transcon 2008"):

"Just Us Kids," James McMurtry

"Say Hey (I Love You)," Michael Franti & Spearhead

"You Are the Best thing," Ray LaMontagne

"This Is Us," Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris

"Sing the Changes," Paul McCartney

"Missed the Boat," Modest Mouse

"Mr. Rock & Roll," Amy MacDonald

"The Underdog," Spoon

"Money for Nothing," Dire Straits

In memory of the four men who died during the training period for the transcon, and who inspired Marshall’s every step:

Ted Corbitt and Marshall Ulrich

Ted Corbitt (1919–2007), Marshalls mentor and hero: New York Times obituary, Teds own write-up of his life

Ted Corbitt, the “father of ultrarunning,” and Marshall Ulrich, meeting for the first time in 2006, chatting in a friend's living room in New York City

Clara and Elmer Ulrich

Elmer Ulrich (1922–2008), Marshall’s father: obituary

Clara and Elmer Ulrich in 2003 at a dinner celebration of Heather and Marshalls wedding, near Boulder, Colorado

Rory Vose, Heather Vose Ulrich, and Marshall Ulrich at Mount Everest base camp

Rory Vose (1941–2008), Heather’s dad and Marshall’s “biggest fan”: obituary, the family’s tribute site for Rory

Rory Vose (left), Heather Vose Ulrich, and Marshall Ulrich in 2004 at Mount Everest base camp, Tibet, 17,100 feet (thats Everest in the background)

Chris Douglass and Marshall Ulrich

Christopher Douglass (1979–2008), Marshall’s young friend who called him a mentor and hero: the family’s tribute site for Chris

Chris Douglass (left) and Marshall Ulrich in 2008 meeting in person for the last time, hanging out in the Ulrichs living room in Idaho Springs, Colorado. You can see the video Chris shot of Marsh on YouTube.

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